Real estate

Following an entrepreneurial approach, we also invest in special opportunities in the real estate market and are building a long-term portfolio including residential and commercial properties throughout Germany through our 100% subsidiary Caverno AG. We also invest and develop unique locations like our island, Lindwerder.

Caverno AG

Caverno is the real estate branch of WAOW Group. Through the extensive network of buyers and sellers we take advantage of unique real estate opportunities. We invest long-term in residential and commercial properties with a high focus on the German market.

Real Estate Subsidiary  |  Country: Germany
Caverno AG


In Berlin, we have a long-term lease for our own island Lindwerder where we operate a Restaurant and Event location in Berlin’s most iconic location. This development of this location is a passionate project that fills us with joy and pride.  |  Hospitality Venture  |  Country: Germany
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