Wanja S. Oberhof

Wanja S. Oberhof is an entrepreneurial investor and sports enthusiast. Growing up with a father who used to be a communist politican his entrepreneurial drive was not given. Hence at the age of 14, he started his first business an event company. Since than he has co-founded and invested in more than 50 companies worldwide. His focus are public listed roll-ups in unstoppable markets. He started and IPO’d companies in the areas of Social Commerce (Social Chain), Blockchain (Krypto AG), CBD (Synbiotic SE), Meat Alernatives (New Meat Co AG) and Alternative Healing (The Healing Company).

As an early investor he has been involved in a broad variety of “uncorns” and “decacorns” including Stripe, Livongo, BOLT, ATAI, Snowflake and BREX. He lives in New York and Berlin, where he manages a thriving private events business on his island of Lindwerder.

He is an active athlete, having finished many marathons and the Ironman on Hawaii in 2018.

In keeping up with his personal focus on promoting social causes through business success, he donates 10% of his yearly earnings to the We Are One World (WAOW) Foundation in support of entrepreneurial education in developing countries.

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